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These healing practices aim to bring balance and harmony to your mind, body and spirit. I have helped many clients in their journey to achieving a healthier and happier life by providing them with the tools they need to recharge and heal naturally. Don't just take my word for it, read through our testimonials page to hear about how our clients have transformed their lives through alternative healing practices. Contact us today to begin your journey to wellness.

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Honestly I could write pages but I'll do my best to share briefly. Louie is everything everyone needs in their life. He can feel and see what you need, as simples as being grounded and balanced, to healing/reversing disease, and anything else you need. You will instantly feel relaxed and comfortable with him as he is full of love as he is such a loving beautiful soul full of compassion and passionate about healing. He is a real healer and can help with anything you need. I'm a healer and I'm very selective who works on me and I actually only trust Louie to work on me. If you have any issues, mental/emotional/physical, he is your healer!

-Shermin, Registered Nurse, Reiki Master

I've known Louie for a couple of years and he is the kindest, generous, and most thoughful individual. I am honored to call him my friend. He has not only helped heal me but taught me so much that I will forever be grateful for. Louie is a true master at his craft and anyone that gets a chance to experience CHI energy and sit down with him in a session will understand he is the BEST. Thank you so much for making a difference in the world Louie. We need more people like you. -Eric L. Lancaster, CA.

I was really nervous to see Louie for a session my first time. It was surprising, yet also not, that he was able to pick up on that even before I said anything! Despite my nervousness, I really appreciate how thoughtful, patient, and communicative he is. I felt at ease, because he was really mindful of how I was feeling and asked permission before doing, which I am truly grateful for. Beyond that, Louie's presence is kind and I always felt grounded after meeting with him. Whether you are curious or just big on spirituality, I highly recommend reaching out to Louie!- Kathleen Quiambao, Family Specialist/MFTT/CCT

Every session that I've experienced with Louie has always felt soothing and comfortable. If you allow him, his sessions take you to a state of mind that you have never experienced before. Just come with an open-mind and and open-heart. I can definitely feel the power of his energy and he focuses on what I've needed at every session. After every session I have felt less stressed, it has given me mental clarity, and enhanced my emotional and physical well-being. Honestly, this is a testament to the positive effects that having sessions with Louie have given me. You will not be dissapointed after having a session with him.  I recommend to anyone looking to improve their overall well-being.- C.A., Social Worker/MFTT

Riverside, CA.

While exploring and discovering more of my spiritual path, I came across Louie and throughout each session, he has continued to show me numerous positive effects with my mental/spiritual/emotional and physical well being. Louie is not only an amazing healer, but he allows you to remain comfortable and become so open within yourself that it allows you to connect within yourself on a deeper level,  balance. I highly recommend Louie especially his energy he gives throughout every single session is unexplainable and leaves you feeling euphoric.

-N.A. Student/Caregiver

Riverside, CA.

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